PA General Election Guide

Make sure your vote gets counted this fall!

  • Comfortable going out with a mask? Vote in person on November 3rd!
  • Otherwise, vote by mail!
  • Want to protect the vote? Work at the Polls (students welcome!)

To vote by mail:

  1. Register to Vote by October 19 (or better yet, TODAY).
  2. Apply for a mail-in or absentee ballot online by Tuesday, October 27 (or better yet, ASAP).
  3. Receive your ballot by mail (likely in mid-late September).
  4. Complete your ballot using the instructions included with it, making sure to fill in ovals on the ballot to make your selections – no X or check marks! See also: this helpful article.
  5. Make sure to SIGN as directed in the instructions.
  6. Mail it back ASAP. Given mail delays, aim to mail it by mid-October.
  7. Check ballot status and vote in person (by provisional ballot, if necessary) if your ballot has not been received by the county by November 3.
  8. Concerned about missing a mailing? Sign up for informed delivery with the USPS.

Legal and Civic Context

Important Changes This Year

  • Eliminated straight party voting
  • Extended registration and submission deadlines
  • Added no excuse mail-in ballot voting
  • Mail-In/Absentee ballots will be counted by the county, not local precincts 
  • Mail-In/Absentee ballot voters must vote provisionally if they show up at the polls on Election Day and poll book does not show a returned ballot.

Current Ways to Cast a Ballot in Pennsylvania

  • In person at local precinct, voting on a paper ballot on Election Day
  • No excuse mail-in ballot voting
  • Absentee ballot voting 
  • In person at county voter services – counties are now permitted to open satellite voter services offices as well, if they have the resources. 

County Links

CHESTER COUNTY(610) 344-6410
BUCKS COUNTY(215) 348-6154
DELAWARE COUNTY.(610) 892-0641

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