Want to Learn More?

Want to Learn More?

What is pre-canvassing?

“The ability to pre-canvass voted ballots is at the top of everyone’s list. That’s election directors, county commissioners…that’s probably what you’re hearing from a lot of your constituents or a lot of county election officials, yourselves. That’s at the very top.”     Deputy Secretary of State Jonathan Marks, March 18, 2021

Pre-canvassing is legally defined in Pennsylvania as preparing ballots and counting the votes on them. Many county election officials would like to start pre-canvassing mail ballots well before election day.

Protect Our Vote Philly has a primer and legislative review here: http://precanvass.povphilly.org/

Risk-limiting Audits (RLAs)

Proposed Changes to PA Constitution

Spotlight PA published “A complete guide and amendment tracker for proposed changes to Pennsylvania’s Constitution” here: https://www.spotlightpa.org/news/2022/01/pennsylvania-constitution-amendments-tracker-complete-guide/

Other Organizations and Resources:

VoteSafe Pennsylvania cross-partisan coalition co-chaired by Tom Ridge (R) and Jennifer Granholm (D) to ensure every American has the right to vote safely and securely

Verified Voting Foundation nonpartisan organization advocating for accurate and verifiable elections

Secure Our Vote a national election security coalition

Brennan Center for Justice, policy institute at NYU School of law

Election Verification Network a national network of leaders working to improve U.S. elections

VotePA.us, nonpartisan organization advocating for  election integrity in PA

SAVE Bucks Votes Citizens group in Bucks County, PA

Vote Allegheny Citizens group in Allegheny County, PA

SaveOurVotes.org Maryland’s citizens won paper ballots!  We can too.

Andrew Appel’s Studies of Voting Technology Professor of Computer Science at Princeton University critiques Sequoia voting machines

American Statistical Association  Election auditing team

Votes PA PA Dept. of State page where you can register to vote

Protect Our Vote Philly is a coalition working to bring accurate, accessible, and secure voting systems at a fair cost to Philadelphia and a watchdog over the Office of the City Commissioners, which operates Philadelphia’s elections.

Articles and Sources:

  • I Voted? 2016 Tribeca Film Festival Official Selection, Executive Producer Katie Couric

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