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Oct. 17, 2018, Newsweek, “Here’s How Russia May Have Already Hacked the 2018 Elections”: 

Oct. 2, 2018, Letter to EAC and DHS from 30 Cybersecurity, Election Security, and Computer Science Experts,

Sep. 14, 2018, Andrew Appel, Princeton University Professor of Computer Science, “Serious Design Flaw in ESS ExpressVote Touchscreen: ‘Permission to Cheat'”,

Aug. 23, 2018, “White House blocks bill that would protect elections”: 

Aug. 22, 2018, The Hill, “DHS Chief calls on officials in all 50 states to have ‘verifiable’ ballots by 2020 election”:

Aug. 13, 2018, Brennan Center for Justice, “Election Security Advance Planning Checklist”: 

2018, Brennan Center for Justice, “How You Can Help #ProtectTheVote This November”:

2018, National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, “Securing the Vote:  Protecting American Democracy”: 

July 26, 2018, “Public Citizens Calls on Largest Voting Machine Vendor to Stop Selling Machines that Connect to the Internet, Increase Costs to Taxpayers”: 

July 20, 2018, The Inquirer, “The threat to our democracy? Our indifference to fixing our voting machines”, Editorial:…

July 17, 2018, 60 Minutes, “When Russian hackers targeted the U.S. election infrastructure”:…

July 17, 2018, Radnor League of Women Voters Interviews Citizens for Better Elections: 

July 17, 2018, “Top Voting Machine Vendor Admits it Installed Remote-Access Software on Systems Sold to States”:

May 15, 2018,, “Storm knocks out power, backup batteries at Harrisburg polling place”:…

May 15, 2018,, “York Township polling location opens with some problems”:…

May 8, 2018, “Senate Intel Committee Releases Unclassified 1st Installment in Russia Report, Updated Recommendations on Election Security”:…

May 8, 2018,, “Extent of Election Hacking Is Still Unclear, Says Senate Panel”:…

May 8, 2018,, “Hack-Resistant Voting Machines Missing as States Prepare for 2018 Vote”:…

May 3, 2018, The Inquirer, “Ahead of the 2020 election, let’s address Pennsylvania’s election security so your vote can count”:…

April 25, 2018, Bucks County Courier Times, “Expert:  Pennsylvania ‘would get an F’ on voting machine security”: 

April 19, 2018, The Inquirer, “Time has come for PA to modernize its voting machines”, Opinion:

April 12, 2018,, “Department of State Tells Counties to Have New Voting Systems in Place by End of 2019”:…

April 5, 2018,, “I Hacked an Election.  So Can the Russians”        (4 minute video with J. Alex Haldermann):

March 30, 2018, The Inquirer, “Most Pa. voting machines are old, hackable, and will likely be used to count the 2020 votes”:…

March 15, 2018, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, “We Need Voting Machines with Auditable Ballots”:

March 15, 2018,, “The GOP Couldn’t Recount the Votes in PA Even if it Wanted.  There’s no Paper Trail to Audit”:

March 14, 2018,, “Pennsylvania race shows need for U.S. voting machine upgrades”:…

Feb. 21, 2018, The New York Times Magazine, “The Myth of the Hacker-Proof Voting Machine”:…

Dec. 7, 2017, “York County plans changes to elections process after confusion at the polls”:

Sep. 22, 2017,, “DHS tells 21 states they were Russia hacking targets before 2016 election”:

June 21, 2017, Testimony of Univ. of Michigan Computer Science & Engineering Professor J. Alex Halderman before the Senate Select Intelligence Committee (5 minute video clip):

June 21, 2017, Letter to Congress from 103 Experts on Computer Science, Elections and Security:

Dec. 15, 2016, The Inquirer, “The Ticking Time Bomb in Pennsylvania’s Election System”:

Nov. 8, 2016,, “Pennsylvania voters claim voting machines ‘changing’ ballots”:

Nov. 8, 2016, “PA Official:  Voting Machine Malfunctions Created No Extra Democrat Votes”:

Nov. 8, 2016, “Voting Machine Error Causes Straight GOP Ticket to Switch to Straight Democratic in Lebanon County”:

Sep. 28, 2016,, “More state election databases hacked than previously thought”:

Sep. 28, 2016, Testimony of Princeton University Computer Science Professor Andrew Appel before the House Subcommittee on Information Technology:

Aug. 5, 2016,, “How to Hack an Election in 7 Minutes”: