About Us

About Us

Mission Statement

Our mission is to ensure accurate, verifiable and secure elections.

About Citizens for Better Elections

We are a nonpartisan citizens’ group dedicated to promoting election security and efficiency in Pennsylvania. Voting is the foundation of our democracy.  All citizens deserve to know that our votes are secure and safeguarded.  We are concerned that many of Pennsylvania’s voting machines are nearing the end of their usable life, and are not capable of being independently audited or recounted.  We are committed to building public support for procuring accurate, verifiable and secure voting systems which scan voter-marked paper ballots.  Paper ballots are an essential check and balance to avoid election crises due to machine failure, improper calibration, or hacking.  Routine audits of the paper record are also a necessary safeguard of our elections.

Since January of 2017, Citizens for Better Elections has grown to a network of over 350 citizens dedicated to protecting our democracy by improving the quality of our elections.  Our membership includes poll workers and Judges of Elections, members of the League of Women Voters, cybersecurity and information security specialists, and professionals in education, law, information technology, public policy, and the private sector.  We work in coalition with other organizations in Pennsylvania and nationwide to ensure the accuracy, verifiability and security of our elections. Join us!

Progress in Pennsylvania

Citizens for Better Elections worked in coalition with several groups to make calls and send emails/letters to Governor Wolf regarding the importance of new voting machines, which scan voter-marked paper ballots.  We are happy to announce that in April 2018, The Wolf Adminisration required that counties purchase new voting systems with paper records by 2020, in order to improve security and auditability. This victory was the result of hard work by many groups at the county, state, and national level.  Your calls and letters were an important part of making this happen!  In November 2018, PA settled an election lawsuit by Jill Stein.  The agreement requires that PA use voting machines with voting records by 2020 and enacts new election audits by 2022.  This is a great step forward, but citizen advocates will need to hold county and state leaders accountable to provide funding and enforcement of these provisions.  Let’s keep moving!

Progress at the County Level

Since January of 2017, we made the case about new voting machines to the Montgomery County Commissioners. To their great credit, they listened to their constituents. They researched and recognized that new voting machines are a top priority.  We are happy to report that the County Commissioners have publicly announced that the county will be purchasing new voting systems with a paper record in 2019.  Your calls and emails to the Commissioners made this possible!  Thank you!  We expanded our membership into Delaware County in 2018 and have given public presentations to the County Council.  We’ve worked closely with Bucks County advocates from Save Bucks Votes in travelling to Harrisburg to educate legislators.  By working in coalition with advocates from 3 of the largest counties in Pennsylvania, we aim to achieve secure, accurate, and verifiable voting machines for over 1 million registered voters in PA.

The Work Ahead

There is still much work to do at both the county and state level.  To help counties implement new secure elections systems across Pennsylvania, they need state funding and election code changes, and the Dept. of State must certify new systems that scan voter-marked paper ballots.  Counties will be working to select and implement new voting systems.  Poll workers will need training and voters will need education on the new systems.  We are making progress toward accurate, verifiable and secure elections with one step at a time.  Join us!

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